The main goal of "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse is its development and recognition as a significant regional and national educational and research institution, as well as its becoming an indelible part of the European education and research space.

The mission of the University is based on the experience it has accumulated during its long existence, which justifies the significant place it has taken in the family of higher institutions in Bulgaria. As evidence can be listed:
  • the striving for high quality education and research;
  • the achievements in developing theoretical knowledge and its application;
  • continuous improvement and development, using personal, national and international experience;
  • the intent to maintain close contact with other higher schools and the inclusion in the international educational and research structures ;
  • the traditional relations of the University with the cultural, educational, artistic and other institutions in Ruse and in Bulgaria.

 The University aims at fulfilling its mission and main objectives by keeping to the timeless universal values such as:

  • liberal spirit and atmosphere;
  • respect to the individual and his/her opinion;
  • a sense of belonging to the academic community;
  • opportunities for manifestation of personal traits, initiatives and merits of each individual;
  • conditions for realization of additional personal and professional interests.