EE&AE 2020 Virtual Poster Session 3

IMPORTANT: The time is EET (Eastern European Time), i.e. GMT+2


16:00 – 16:45    Friday, 13th November


Virtual Poster Session 3: View e-Posters

Session chair: Andrei DAMIAN, UTCB

Go to room V3.1 Fostering the Innovative University Student-Centred Learning by Application of ICT Tools Together with Stakeholders: a Project Methodology Overview
Svilen Kunev (University of Ruse Angel Kanchev); Diana Antonova (University of Ruse Angel Kanchev); Bogdan Fleaca (University Politehnica); Radovan Drab (Technical University of Kosice)
Go to room V3.2 Kinetic Parameters of the Extraction of Tannis from Three Nicotiana Species
Stanislava Tasheva (University of Food Technologies)
Go to room V3.3 Kinetic parameters investigation at reaction of pigment:copigment complex between quercetin and strawberry anthocyanins
Vanya Gandova (University of Food Technologies)
Go to room V3.4 Filtration Theory and Techniques. A Short Review on the Filtration Process
Narcis Barsan ("Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacau)
Go to room V3.5 Research of the Impact of the Active Driver Circuit with a Dv/Dt Feedback on the Speed of a DC Motor
Svetoslav Ivanov (TU Sofia, branch Plovdiv); Yanka Ivanova (TU Sofia, branch Plovdiv) 
Go to room V3.6 Analysis of Combustion Efficiency at Boilers Operating on Different Fuels
Penka Zlateva (Technical university of Varna); Nina Penkova (University of chemical technology and metallurgy Sofia); Kalin Krumov (University of chemical technology and metallurgy Sofia) 
Go to room V3.7 Identification of Agricultural Plant Row Using the Clustering Algorithm in the Navigation of Mobile Robot
Lukáš Vacho (Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra); Dušan Hrubý ( Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra); Ladislav Tóth (Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra); Zuzana Palkova (Slovak University of Agriculture)
Go to room V3.8 Mathematical Modeling of Aeration Process in the Air-Water Interface
Adele Vaideliene (Vytautas Magnus University )
Go to room V3.9 Evaluating the Development of Activity Monitoring Systems for Small Scale Dairy Farms
George Papageorgiou (European University Cyprus); Kyriacos Pourgouris (European University Cyprus); Andreas Efstathiades (European University Cyprus); George A. Papageorgiou (Veterinary Services Ltd.)
Go to room V3.10 Research of the Combustion Process in a Heat Generator with Ansys Fluent
Dias Umyshev (Satbayev University); Iliya Iliev (University of Ruse Angel Kanchev)
Go to room V3.11 Reducing the Toxicity of Diesel Engines Due to Two-Phase Fuel Injection
Iliya Iliev (University of Ruse Angel Kanchev); Abay Dostiyarov (Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications); Gulnara Saduakassova (Kazakh Agrotechnical University); B A Biakhmetov (Kazakh Agrotechnical University)