EE&AE 2020 Virtual Poster Session 4

IMPORTANT: The time is EET (Eastern European Time), i.e. GMT+2


17:00 – 17:45    Friday, 13th November


Virtual Poster Session 4: View e-Posters

Session chair: Mircea NEAGOE, Transilvania University of Brasov

Go to room V4.1 Study of the Options for Joining Decentralized Electricity Generation to the Power Distribution Grid
Stefka Nedelcheva (TU-Sofia,EPF-Sliven); Misho Matsankov (TU-Sofia,EPF-Sliven)
Go to room V4.2 Assessment of the Adequacy of an Energy Model for Energy Flow Management System in Residential Premises
Snezhinka Zaharieva (University of Ruse Angel Kanchev); Iordan Stoev (University of Ruse Angel Kanchev); Adriana Borodzhieva (University of Ruse Angel Kanchev); Valentin Mutkov (University of Ruse Angel Kanchev)
Go to room V4.3 Influence of а Slotted Flap Gap Size on the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Light Aircraft Wing at Taking off and Landing
Ivo Angelov Angelov (Technical University of Sofia); Cvetelina Velkova (Naval Academy Nikola Vasptsarov)
Go to room V4.4 Hybrid Nanocomposite RGO/ZnO as Sensing Material
Go to room V4.5 Selection of Optimal Configuration for Autonomous Solar-Wind Hybrid System for Household Consumption
Tanya Pehlivanova-Gocheva (Trakia University - Stara Zagora); Atanas Atanasov (Trakia University - Stara Zagora)
Go to room V4.6 Kinematic Modelling of the Tracking System for Parabolic Trough Collector
Daniela CIOBANU (Transilvania University of Brasov); Radu SAULESCU (Transilvania University of Brasov); Codruta JALIU (Transilvania University of Brasov)
Go to room V4.7 Air Source Heat Pump Performance Evaluation Based on Experimental Measurements and Neural Network
Mugurel Talpiga (Doctoral School of Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest)
Go to room V4.8 Modelling and Evaluation of Electromagnetic Field of Urban High-Voltage Power Line
Atanas Chervenkov (Technical University of Sofia)
Go to room V4.9 Simulation Modelling of Reasonably Application of Small Wind Power System in Bulgaria
Atanas Chervenkov (Technical University of Sofia); Atanas Yanev (Technical University of Sofia) 
Go to room V4.10 Influence of Led Bulbs on Electromagnetic Compatibility Parameters
Krasimir Ivanov (TU Gabrovo); Gergi Velev (TU Gabrovo); Tsvyatko Varbov (TU Gabrovo); Peter Petrov (TU Gabrovo)
Go to room V4.11 Implementing a Large Lora Network for an Agricultural Application
Gaudentiu Varzaru (Syswin Solutions); Adrian Zarnescu (SYSWIN Solutions); Razvan Ungurelu (SYSWIN Solutions); Mihai Secere (SYSWIN Solutions); Bogdan Mihailescu (UPB-CETTI)